The 7 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Flat Feet (2023) – Expert Guide

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Flat Feet By Soccer

If you’re an indoor soccer player and suffering from flat feet?

don’t worry we’ve got you covered with a list of the best indoor soccer shoes for flat feet players! you know that finding the best shoes can be daunting.

They must keep your feet from getting sore and tired from running around on a hard surface all day and provide enough support for your arch.

so, In this article, we’ve explained what type of shoes you need for your square feet.

Quick Summary: Flat Feet Problems Which Players Face:

Some common problems that flat-footed people face when playing soccer are. Ankle pain, heel pain, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Consider Low Arch Insole for Flat Feet:

There are many people out there who have flat feet, and finding the right kind of insole can be a real challenge. If you are flat-footed, consider looking into a low arch insole.

These insoles are designed specifically for people with flat feet and can make a difference in comfort and support.

Low arch insoles provide extra cushioning and support for the arch of the foot, which can help to reduce pain and fatigue.

They can also help to improve balance and stability, which is vital for flat-footed players.

A low arch insole is worth considering if you’re searching for an insole that can help you manage your square feet.

You can read other considerations here before buying new soccer shoes.

Shoes for Flat Feet: What To Look For In Your Next Pair?

Some features to look for in a shoe if you have a flat foot include arch support, cushioning, and a deep-heel cup.

Arch support helps to distribute your body weight evenly across the foot while cushioning absorbs impact giving you the best comfort.

A deep heel cup helps to stabilize the foot and prevent injuries.

What is EVA, and why is it imported in a Shoe for flat feet?

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EVA, or (ethylene-vinyl acetate), is a lightweight, flexible foam commonly used in the midsoles of shoes.

It is known for its cushioning and shock-absorbing properties, making it ideal for shoes for flat feet. 

The added cushioning can help to reduce the pain and fatigue that can be associated with flat feet, and it can also help to improve your balance and stability when you are wearing these types of shoes.

Having all that in mind, we have shortlisted the 7 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Flat Feet:

1. Adidas Men’s Samba Classic | Best indoor soccer shoes for wide and flat feet


The Samba Classics have been around for decades and are a staple in the indoor shoe world.

They’re comfortable and stylish, and most importantly, they get the job done on the court.

The EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning and support. At the same time, the low-top arch design helps to alleviate pressure on the arch.

This shoe makes them an excellent choice for flat-footed people looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe for indoor playing.

The Samba Classic shoes are also very versatile. They can wear them for various activities, not just indoor soccer.

They have a durable rubber outsole that can withstand the wear and tear of multiple sports and activities.

So if you’re finding a shoe that can do it all, the Adidas Men’s Samba Classic is a great choice.


  • Perfect fit
  • Response right out of the box
  • Torsion Tape inspired by sports taping
  • Highest mobility and bandaged fit
  • Explosive power


  • May not be comfortable for all foot shapes
  • May cause blisters for some users

2. Adidas Performance Mundial Turf Soccer Shoes


If you’re looking for the best turf soccer shoes for flat feet, then Adidas Performance Mundial shoes are the way to go.

They’re designed to provide optimal support and comfort for those with flat feet, and they’re some of the market’s most famous indoor soccer shoes.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Adidas Performance Mundials – they’re sure to help you perform your best on the court.

Furthermore, These shoes are made with high-quality leather and synthetic materials built to last.

They feature a comfortable leather sole that will keep your feet feeling great all game long. The sleek black, and white, look great on any field


  • made with high-quality leather and synthetic materials.
  • comfortable leather sole.
  • built to last.
  • affordable.


  • Not comfortable for wide feet.
  • Some people may find the leather to be too stiff.

3. Diadora Men’s Capitano


When it comes to playing indoor soccer, having the right football shoes is essential.

That’s why so many people recommend the Diadora Men’s Capitano.

Not only are they great for indoor soccer, but they’re also perfect for flat-footed people. They have a unique sole designed to offer more support and cushioning.

Plus, they’re made with high-quality materials that will last you for years.

Moreover, The upper is made from Soft polyurethane to keep your feet cool and comfortable, and the EVA midsole provides comfort and support. 


  • Excellent traction and support
  • Made from soft polyurethane
  • EVA insole provides cushioning and support
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some users found the shoes to be too narrow.
  • It may not be suitable for outdoor use

4. KELME Men Futsal shoes | Best Turf Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet


Looking for a quality indoor soccer shoe that won’t let you down? Kelme’s Men Indoor Turf Soccer Shoe is perfect for artificial turf.

It features a rubber sole with short rubber studs for better grip and comfort.

The stretch-resistant materials and soft synthetic leather upper provide ultimate control.

At the same time, the molded rubber outsole ensures superior traction on any pitch.

KELME futsal shoes are some of the best indoor turf shoes that offer fantastic arch support for flat-footed people like me. Still, the overall great fit and comfort are just incredible.

I’ve tried other brands before, but they have yet to come close to Kelme in terms of quality. Definitely worth the investment!


  • Excellent grip and comfort
  • Stretch-resistant materials
  • Soft synthetic leather upper
  • Molded rubber outsole
  • Affordable


  • May not be suitable for thick artificial turf

5. SENDA Ushuaia Futsal Shoes | Super Lightweight Soccer/Football Boots for Flat Feet


The SENDA Ushuaia Soccer shoes are perfect for anyone who wants to maximize speed and agility.

These super lightweight shoes weigh only 9oz, making them some of the lightest on the market.

The shoe’s soft cushioning provides protection for your feet and helps to control impact.

The advanced cushioning in the EVA insoles provides cushioning across the entire footbed.

The highly flexible material used to make these shoes enable natural movement of the foot.

The Senda Actionnube technology in the midsole is lightweight, responsive, and provides a highly cushioning experience.


  • Super Lightweight – only 9oz!
  • Comfortable Fit 
  • Advanced Cushioning 
  • Highly Flexible


  • May not be durable for heavy use
  • Sizing may run small
  • Not available in half sizes

6. Adidas Unisex-Adult Copa Sense.3


The Adidas Unisex-Adult Copa Sense.3 is a high-quality pair of indoor soccer boots with a comfortable Eva midsole.

These shoes have been designed to provide optimal comfort and support during intense soccer games, and they live up to that promise!

The Adidas brand is also known for its durability, so you can rest assured that these shoes will last you many seasons of indoor soccer.

The Adidas shoe is the perfect option for indoor soccer players seeking comfort and arch support.

The synthetic leather and mesh quarter provide a soft, breathable fit, while the lightweight cushioning of the EVA midsole offers step-absorbing durability. 


  • EVA midsole offers step-absorbing, durable comfort
  • Made with recycled content


  • Limited to indoor courts
  • Men’s sizing only

7. Nike Youth Soccer Tiempo


Nike’s Youth Soccer Tiempo shoes are designed with the young soccer player in mind.

They feature a durable synthetic leather upper for comfort and ball control and an EVA sock-liner for cushioning.

The shoe also has a TPU plate for support and stability and a die-cut sock liner for additional arch support.

Additionally, the shoe features a heel cup for added protection. It’s finished with non-marking rubber outsoles, ideal for indoor soccer play.


  • Excellent ball touch
  • Comfortable
  • Good arch support
  • Suitable for indoor pitches


  • Not suitable for outdoor play
  • May be too narrow for some feet
  • Limited color selection


If you’re looking for shoes that will make playing indoor soccer easier for your flat feet, we’ve just the list for you.

Our shoes are shortlisted with your comfort and mobility in mind, so you’ll be able to take on the competition without any trouble.

I hope you find the best pair according to your budget and need. But we highly recommend Adidas Men’s Samba Classic because it covers all the features necessary for flat-footed players.


Do You Need Special Shoes for flat-foot?

No, you don’t need special shoes for a flat foot. If you have pes planus, consider getting indoor soccer shoes designed for people with this condition. These soccer shoes are for extra support and cushioning to help make your soccer experience more comfortable.

What are the Best Sneakers for Kids with Flat feet?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best sneakers for flat-footed kids. First, you’ll want to ensure the shoes have a good grip on indoor surfaces. And this will help improve stability and prevent slips and falls. Second, you’ll want to choose sneakers that provide the best support.

This means looking for shoes with a well-cushioned sole and plenty of arch support. Finally, you’ll want to ensure the sneakers are comfortable and breathable. This will help keep feet cool and dry, preventing blisters and other problems.

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